The Black Embrylux Ideology:

IVF couples should only need to undergo 1 IVF cycle to conceive their child. Through screening and selecting the healthiest embryos, we can minimize the need for more IVF cycles, thereby reducing the cost and emotional strain to IVF couples.

We truly believe our device will change the landscape of IVF as no other embryo screening device on the market analyzes metabolic data of the embryo. By doing this, we want to provide couples with an experience that millions of Americans want to have: the chance to raise a family, the chance to create memories with them, the chance to someday see them graduate, and the chance to someday walk them down the aisle.

We want to provide more couples with this fulfilling experience and this starts with ensuring that the first implantation of IVF will be successful.

How We Started:

Black Embrylux was founded early Fall 2015 at UC Irvine. The team came together as part of the senior design course (BME 180) for undergraduate biomedical engineers, taught by Professors Michelle Khine and Chris Hoo. Nameless then, the team began debating upon which faculty member’s intellectual property to develop. Our five founding members ultimately partnered with Michelle Digman and the Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics. The mission for the 2016-2017 academic year entailed designing an Embryo Viability Assessment Device that would operate in a clinical setting: EVAD.