The Model

Business Plan

Black Embrylux wants to ultimately impact couples undergoing IVF. We want our technology to impact IVF mothers to promote a safe and successful pregnancy. Therefore, we will be engaging in strategic marketing partnerships with select IVF clinics whose ideology alines with ours:

IVF couples should only need to undergo 1 IVF cycle to conceive their child. Through screening and selecting the healthiest embryos, we can minimize the need for more IVF cycles, thereby reducing the cost and emotional strain to IVF couples.

A partnership allows us to make our introduction into the IVF landscape. More importantly, we will be collaborating with these clinics in conducting clinical safety studies. We want to ensure that our technology does indeed increase your chance for a happy family while keeping you safe during your pregnancy.

We will also be advertising to Mommy Support Groups to help and inform IVF couples of a bright solution to the current dilemma in the IVF landscape.

For Clinics:

EVADwill have the following pricing model:

Hardware Icon The hardware will be sold as an asset. You are free to use our device however you see fit.
Software IconSoftware & Maintenance (Updates and Hardware) will be sold as an annual license.
Database IconAccess to our Database will be sold per Embryo.

By adopting our technology, we can make a difference, together.

We’ll impact the lives of countless IVF couples and help them start their own precious families.